Bulletin 2/2/2017


The Prime Minister Bill English announced the election date yesterday, but National had no policy announcements or major publicity for the rest of the day.  Bill English catches up the next day by posting an entire speech, one tweet at a time, focusing on business, “reducing welfare dependency”, more police.

Labour, on the other hand, were first out of the gate and were talking about a range of policy issues immediately after the election date was announced, and Andrew Little was even visiting Dunedin to make some speeches – that must have been planned weeks in advance, but what a coincidence.  Focus on regional development, announcing a Centre for Digital Excellence in Dunedin.

The Greens had one big policy issue to talk about – universal te reo teaching in public schools – but given how much they talked about it, it seems like a major platform issue.

New Zealand First, the Maori Party, ACT, and United Future all responded relatively slowly to the election date announcement, with no policy announcements.


Echo Chamber National:

Bill English makes a speech on Twitter (excerpts only here):


Echo Chamber Labour:



Regional development initiative:


School funding:


Rebutting the Prime Minister’s State of the Nation speech:


Andrew Little on the campaign trail:




Peter Thiel’s unusual citizenship:


Trump’s immigration debacle:


Echo Chamber Green:

Te reo in public schools:


Unemployment and economic issues:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

Migrants taking NZ jobs, apparently:


Foreign drivers bad:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing notable today.


Echo Chamber ACT:

Compulsory te reo lessons in schools is anti-freedom:


Echo Chamber United Future:

Nothing notable today.


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