Bulletin 16/2/2017


National continues to say very little about policy on Twitter, treating social media as only social and not political.  Labour continues to attack National on child poverty and housing costs, and now also the slow speed of the UFB rollout, although it’s not entirely certain that can be pinned on the government.  Greens are very good at live-tweeting from parliament, as they question National on Child Youth and Family reforms and the Resource Management Act reforms, river quality, and other topics.  United Future, being the smallest party, has so far lacked internet savvy, but they’ve been looking to hire someone, so that might change in the coming months.

Not included here are tweets about the wildfires in Christchurch, omitted because it is probably not an election issue.


Echo Chamber National:

Taking credit for Ultra Fast Broadband:


Fruit in schools programme:


Sri Lanka Independence Day:


On funding for rural Maori youth development:


Not sure what exactly he’s referring to:


Taking credit for online patient portals:


The New Zealand economy is great, at the centre of the Asia-Pacific, even:


Echo Chamber Labour:

On child poverty:


On rising housing costs:


On the speed of the UFB rollout:


On the Pike River Mine:


On the Resource Management Act reforms:


On transport in Auckland:


Echo Chamber Green:

On National’s lack of empathy:


On Child Youth and Family reforms:


On National’s Resource Management Act reforms:


On river quality:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

On beaches and golf courses:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

On Child Youth and Family reforms:


Echo Chamber ACT:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber United Future:

Working hard, passing laws:


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Aspiring author and armchair philosopher, I seek to understand the world, people, and myself. Through my writing, I seek also to share all that I've found.

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