Bulletin 4/3/2017


Mostly a quiet Friday, except National seems to be testing the propaganda waters with Bill English tweeting their “vision”.  It’s clearly carefully crafted and polished.  The opposition seems to be finding it easy to rebut National’s propaganda, though, with the Greens and environmental groups continuing to find enormous holes in National’s swimmable rivers policy.  But you wouldn’t hear that rebuttal if you’re stuck in their echo chamber.


Dissecting National’s vision:

– “safe”: National has announced increased police numbers as a major policy. Also a concept that appeals to the conservatively minded.
– “prosperous”: National is pro-business. They spend a lot of time visiting businesses across the country, and they talk about how great the economy numbers are.
– “continues”: these are people who have historically been safe and prosperous and have gotten ahead. Read: privileged. Those who have previously been unsafe and destitute and left behind will find this jarring. Not sure if National doesn’t know or doesn’t care.
– “all Kiwis can get ahead”: can, not will. “Ahead” is always relative to others who are behind. If you’re kind, you say this is meritocratic. If you’re the opposition, you say that they are leaving some to fall behind.
– “reach their full potential”: vague platitude that sounds good. People aren’t born with a label specifying their potential. But it does show that their values are in things like success and achievement and profit.

The text in the image also shows that National is banking on the people who are doing well in the current economy.


Echo Chamber National:



Big promises:


It looks like “keeping us safe” is going to be a key National theme this election cycle:




Housing overreaction since Christchurch earthquakes:


Echo Chamber Labour:

Less entertainment for me, I guess:


On the housing shortage:


On the infrastructure deficit:


Echo Chamber Green:

On water quality:


On prison inmate abuse:


As I said, “jarring”:


On National’s inadequate housing policy:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

Framing public alcohol consumption as tradition to appeal to the conservatively minded:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

On the housing shortage, with a youth right-wing perspective:


Echo Chamber United Future:

On local governments and GM rules:


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