Bulletin 12/3/2017


Relatively quiet day.  Some protesting over Cadbury’s Dunedin factory closure by Labour and Greens.  Greens also talking about the privatisation of state houses.

(!) ACT party engages in ad hominem name-calling and makes a misleading economic analogy:


Echo Chamber National:

On free trade with UK post Brexit:




Echo Chamber Labour:

On Cadbury’s Dunedin factory closure:




On superannuation and taxes:


On healthcare funding:


On infrastructure funding:


Echo Chamber Green:

On Cadbury’s Dunedin factory closure:


On climate change:


On the privatisation of state homes:


On unpaid labour:


On Peter Thiel:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber Maori Party:



Echo Chamber ACT:

On prison rehabilitation:


(!) Ad hominem name-calling, and disingenuous economic analogy.  Government borrowing is not similar to a mortgage, the government is typically able to borrow at a far lower interest rate than personal mortgages.  Many of the world’s banks were bailed out of the last financial crisis by borrowing money from governments at a low interest rate, then lending that money out to companies and individuals at a higher interest rate, allowing them to keep the difference as earnings.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with borrowing to invest, if the terms are favourable:


Echo Chamber United Future:

Nothing significant.


Author: sckchui

Aspiring author and armchair philosopher, I seek to understand the world, people, and myself. Through my writing, I seek also to share all that I've found.

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