Bulletin 28/3/2017


The visiting Chinese Premier signs a bunch of deals with the government – it all looks clean and good because the Chinese government tends to avoid controversy.  The Greens find that our environment quality and tourism infrastructure problems are getting international headlines, while housing continues to be a crisis, as always.


Echo Chamber National:

Deals with China:


Echo Chamber Labour:

On housing:


Echo Chamber Green:

On tourism infrastructure:


On water extraction:


On housing:


On multinational corporations and taxes:


On water quality:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

On tourism infrastructure:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

Taxes 😦


Echo Chamber United Future:

Nothing significant.



Author: sckchui

Aspiring author and armchair philosopher, I seek to understand the world, people, and myself. Through my writing, I seek also to share all that I've found.

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