Bulletin 15/5/2017


Labour continues to talk big on housing and is getting plenty of headlines.  National’s @bhudson_nz tries to rebut, but only demonstrates an unfamiliarity with facts and logic.


Echo Chamber National:

(!) Look-Through Companies are an legal invention created in 2010 by the National government to allow more streamlined tax offsetting, which was previously done through Loss Attributing Qualifying Companies. This “standard tax practice” was invented by the National government, and doesn’t exist outside New Zealand, nor did it exist before National was in government:


(!) Retweeted by @bhudson_nz.  The image does not, in any way, provide any evidence for a causal relationship between land availability and house prices in Christchurch.  Alternative hypotheses for lower house prices may include, for example, a population slump after the earthquake (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11140576 ):


Echo Chamber Labour:

On housing:


On the abuse of children in state care:


Echo Chamber Green:

On West Papua:


On mental health:


On climate change:


On consent education:


On diesel trains:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

On ambulance funding:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

(!) Absolutely no evidence or explanation is given as to what is envious about Labour’s policy.  Tweet and heading misrepresents content of statement:


Echo Chamber United Future:

On the budget 2017:


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