Bulletin 17/5/2017


National has finally realised that housing is a big election issue, and makes a big deal of their newly announced state housing policy.  Labour is quick to point out National’s past 9 years of inaction on housing and unfulfilled promises as proof of their lack of credibility.  New Zealand First and ACT also have their own criticisms of the policy.


Echo Chamber National:

On housing:



On education funding:


Echo Chamber Labour:

On housing:


On political bullying:


On government data privacy:


Echo Chamber Green:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

On housing:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Trade mission to Malaysia:


Echo Chamber ACT:

On housing:


(!) Claims the need to build houses at the same rate as from the 40’s to the 70’s, fails to acknowledge the significant number of state houses built during that time, dismisses current policies by National and Labour to build more state houses:


Echo Chamber United Future:

(!) The Daily Mail is a tabloid that openly supports the UK Conservatives and the UK Independence Party, and is known for its, at best, inconsistent dedication to journalistic integrity:



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