Bulletin 24/5/2017


National re-announces their previously-announced policies to build hype for the upcoming budget release, while Winston Peters does his best to rain on their parade with big speeches of his own.  For Labour it’s business as usual, talking about housing and school funding, while the Greens talk about water extraction and diesel trains.  Peter Dunne also thinks water exporters should have to pay royalties.


Echo Chamber National:

Pre-budget hype:


Echo Chamber Labour:

On blasphemy law:


On school funding:


On housing:


Echo Chamber Green:

On diesel trains:


On water extraction:


On political bullying:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

(!) Let’s file this one away for review after the election:


On youth offending:


Pre-budget anti-hype:


On Superannuation:


On student loans:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

(!) People earning $70k don’t carry 60% of the country’s income tax burden, it’s people earning above $70k, all the way up into the millions.  Income tax revenue is in the same ballpark as the regressive GST, which means the poor pay a greater proportion of all taxes than ACT’s rhetoric implies.  People earning $70k pay 20% effective income tax, because it’s only above $70k that gets taxed at 33%.  The people who get the most out of ACT’s tax cuts are people earning far more than $70k:


Echo Chamber United Future:

On water exports:



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