Bulletin 5/8/2017


On Metiria Turei:

I feel like the press is making a bigger deal out of the Metiria Turei thing than it should be – when people overreact like this, it’s a pretty sure sign that privilege is being checked.  The issue has revealed a remarkable divide between those who understand poverty and those who don’t, and the two sides are currently talking past each other.  This is precisely the sort of thing that social media echo chambers can exacerbate.  The rich not understanding the poor is why things like Trump and Brexit happened.  The Greens are currently especially attuned to those who do not have a voice in the “mainstream” (read “privilege”).  I’ve been paying attention, so I’ve seen this coming for months now, but it’s quite possible that some people will be surprised by the election results.  National is smart enough not to attack Turei directly – can’t say the same for ACT.


Echo Chamber National:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber Labour:



Echo Chamber Green:

On fraud:


On Metiria Turei:




Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

David Seymour thinks a rich person breaking the law for personal gain is equivalent to a poor person breaking the law so their children don’t starve:


Echo Chamber United Future:

Nothing significant.



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Aspiring author and armchair philosopher, I seek to understand the world, people, and myself. Through my writing, I seek also to share all that I've found.

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