Bulletin 8/8/2017


The big drama is that David Clendon and Kennedy Graham quit the Greens, ostensibly because Metiria Turei wouldn’t step down as co-leader – the Greens respond that those two were “underperforming” anyway.  David Seymour really, really can’t wrap his head around why the Greens aren’t throwing Turei under the bus, and predicts that this will destroy the Greens electorally (let’s save that prediction for after the elections, and then we can all judge Seymour by it).  Looks like all the major parties have figured out that trains are great.  National publicity people are cherry-picking numbers, as usual.


Echo Chamber National:

Wow, turns out people want trains:


(!) If you read the actual report (https://www.anz.co.nz/about-us/economic-markets-research/job-ads/ ), it says that job growth peaked earlier in the year and is currently stalling.  (Also, is the same white dude getting all the jobs?!):


(!) There are 3820 lakes in New Zealand larger than one hectare, by the way.  You can look up the number of rivers for yourself:


Echo Chamber Labour:

On light rail:


Echo Chamber Green:

On manufacturing:


David Clendon and Kennedy Graham quit the Greens:


On trains:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

On international students:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

Is it just me, or does it sound like Seymour is losing his mind?:


Echo Chamber United Future:

Nothing significant.



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