Bulletin 12/8/2017


National try their best to scare people over Labour’s “taxes”, but I would have thought the people who really hate taxes that much are already National supporters. Labour, Greens and New Zealand First are all declaring their support for gender pay equity.  Labour’s also talking about education and healthcare.


Echo Chamber National:

WooOOooooOOooo scary taxes:


(!) This has nothing to do with sugar.  Bottlers using municipal supplies already pay the local council for the water supply.  Whether the council charge for the water itself or only for the infrastructure is up to the council.  Labour water charge is for extracting directly from rivers and aquifers:


On electric vehicles:


Echo Chamber Labour:

On education:


On healthcare:


On pay equity:


Echo Chamber Green:

On the oil industry:


On pay equity:


Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

On coalitions:


On equal pay:


Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber ACT:

Nothing significant.


Echo Chamber United Future:




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