False Tweets Archive, NZ2017

This page will gather all the false and misleading tweets from each of the Echo Chambers.


False tweets are demonstrably counter-factual.  Misleading tweets can easily be interpreted in a way that would lead to a counter-factual conclusion.  Tweets with links to articles and blog posts that contain false or misleading content are also included.  Tweets and articles that conflate facts with opinions are also considered misleading.

Partisan and opinionated commentary is not considered misleading, as long as the opinions are not conflated with facts.  It should be noted that the distinction is a fine one, and borderline cases may be contested – those in the business of creating fake news deliberately strive to blur the line between fact and fiction.  You may not entirely agree with my assessment of what is misleading and what is not.  I advise you use your own judgement, and I am open to feedback, though I may not necessarily agree with you after I hear it.

Echo Chamber National:

(!) Linking a tweet that links to an aggregator, which then links to a partisan opinion blog that mingles opinions with quotes and facts taken out of context:

(!) This tweet misrepresents the content of the linked news article, where Andrew Little clarifies that Labour does not support the charter school model:

(!) This article does not describe Labour infighting at all:

(!) Race baiting, misrepresenting the content of the linked article.  Retweeted by @bhudson_nz:

(!) Misleading use of statistics.  2009 was at the height of the Subprime Mortgages global financial crisis, and the New Zealand government cannot claim credit for the global economic recovery that followed:

(!) The linked article does not say anything about the existence of internal disputes within Labour.  King lashed out at the Herald journalist, who was the one who suggested Ardern might replace King as deputy:

(!) No, Foster-Bell, the news is real, your tweet is the lie.  The link has actual video footage of Wayne Mapp acknowledging civilian casualties in the raid.  If one spelling mistake constitutes “fake news”, well bad news for you, the mistake was quickly corrected, too:

(!) Misleading omission of information.  This refers to greenhouse gas emissions from energy generation and use only, does not include agriculture, construction, and other industries.  Also, year-to-year variability may not reflect long term trends:

(!) Brett Hudson (@bhudson_nz) retweeting unsubstantiated and unverifiable rumours:

(!) The linked article literally shows that there are more people unemployed now than in 2008, when National came into power:

(!) Look-Through Companies are an legal invention created in 2010 by the National government to allow more streamlined tax offsetting, which was previously done through Loss Attributing Qualifying Companies.  This “standard tax practice” was invented by the National government, and doesn’t exist outside New Zealand, nor did it exist before National was in government:

(!) The image does not, in any way, provide any evidence for a causal relationship between land availability and house prices in Christchurch.  Alternative hypotheses for lower house prices may include, for example, a population slump after the earthquake (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11140576 ):

(!) When your linked “opinion” piece is contrary to facts, it’s not an opinion, it’s lies:

(!) Labour’s health funding analysis takes into account the age of the population as well, with higher costs as people age.  Also, no rebuttal for housing shortage and poverty:

(!) Is this a loaded question designed to implant a certain presupposed conclusion into the readers’ minds, while also obfuscating important facts such as the disassociation of Matt McCarten from Labour before the alleged immigration fraud took place?:

(!) The linked article quotes one union leader who specifically says that their union wasn’t involved.  The whole point of the scandal is that Campaign for Change didn’t get any union money or official Labour support, and that’s why things went bad:

Echo Chamber Labour:

(!) @NagtiBird linking to an old blog post from April 2016, in present tense, portraying it as a current issue.

Echo Chamber Green:

Echo Chamber New Zealand First:

(!) That’s not what fascism means.  The bill exploits workers, it’s not a murderous racist dictatorship:

(!) Let’s file this one away for review after the election:

Echo Chamber Maori Party:

Echo Chamber ACT:

(!) Ad hominem name-calling, and disingenuous economic analogy.  Government borrowing is not similar to a mortgage, the government is typically able to borrow at a far lower interest rate than personal mortgages.  Many of the world’s banks were bailed out of the last financial crisis by borrowing money from governments at a low interest rate, then lending that money out to companies and individuals at a higher interest rate, allowing them to keep the difference as earnings.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with borrowing to invest, if the terms are favourable:

(!) Misleading quote due to missing attribution.  The quote is David Seymour’s words, not the journalist’s:

(!) False equivalence on charter schools.  That Auckland Grammar teaches alternative curricula does not necessarily mean it is a good idea.  That charter schools have not chosen to teach alternative curricula does not necessarily mean the law is correct in allowing alternative curricula.  That one teacher not registered with EDUCANZ is suitable for the role does not necessarily mean that negotiating each individual contract with the Crown on case by case basis is better than a EDUCANZ registration requirement:

(!) Absolutely no evidence or explanation is given as to what is envious about Labour’s policy.  Tweet and heading misrepresents content of statement:

(!) Claims the need to build houses at the same rate as from the 40’s to the 70’s, fails to acknowledge the significant number of state houses built during that time, dismisses current policies by National and Labour to build more state houses:

(!) People earning $70k don’t carry 60% of the country’s income tax burden, it’s people earning above $70k, all the way up into the millions.  Income tax revenue is in the same ballpark as the regressive GST, which means the poor pay a greater proportion of all taxes than ACT’s rhetoric implies.  People earning $70k pay 20% effective income tax, because it’s only above $70k that gets taxed at 33%.  The people who get the most out of ACT’s tax cuts are people earning far more than $70k:

(!) Landcorp manages Crown land.  ACT wants to use conservation as an excuse to privatise Crown land:

(!) There is no statistical correlation between tax rates and GDP growth:

(!) The road network, if made into a “business”, will be a monopoly.  Airlines, accommodation, and grocery stores are not, and not allowed to be, monopolies.  Treating the road network as a business is not a market solution, it creates a market failure:

(!) McCarten was not part of Labour when it happened:

Echo Chamber United Future:

(!) The Daily Mail is a tabloid that openly supports the UK Conservatives and the UK Independence Party, and is known for its, at best, inconsistent dedication to journalistic integrity: