Beginning Live Test 1

The Twitter accounts for the New Zealand 2017 General Election echo chambers are set up.  Live testing will begin now, and go on for up to 3 days.

The aims of this test include:

  • Assessing which tweets should be retweeted into each echo chamber, if not all.
  • Considering if anyone aside from the seeds should be followed by each echo chamber, if this were during the election campaign.  It is unlikely that anyone new will be followed for this test.
  • Assessing the workload of maintaining the echo chambers.
  • Seeing if the activity required for maintaining the echo chambers cause the accounts to be flagged as bots by Twitter.
  • Creating an example of what the echo chambers will look like when active, which will be publicly visible for anyone who visits the corresponding Twitter pages.

All NZ2017 echo chambers will be active for the duration of this test, including:

Feedback and suggestions are welcome via the contact page.